About us

ATPr&d is an innovative start-up focused on research and development in biotechnology fields. Our purpose is the characterization of innovative natural raw materials and the revaluation of vegetable by-products, obtained by agroindustry processes.

The company aims to improve the quality and sustainability of agro-food chains, producing eco-friendly products, to be addressed to many applications as human and animal nutrition, cosmetic / nutraceutic industries and green chemistry.

By means of several partnering with universities and research centers, as well as with other industrial entities, ATPr&d acts as a bridge between scientific innovation and industrial development needs, promoting technology transfer between academia and companies.


Mission & Vision

MISSION – Through applied research, ATPr&d promotes technology transfer between academia and industrial development in order to become a hub of support for several companies looking at innovation, improving life quality and respecting the environment.

VISION – Renewable natural resources represent a very high but not fully explored potential supply of raw materials. ATPr&d believes in protecting the environment and its biodiversity, applying biotechnologies and giving added value to products and by-products to reduce industrial waste and to generate new renewable raw materials.

Business model

ATPr&d provides support activities focused on the agrofood sector, offering research and development services, to promote innovation and sustainable growth of small and medium-sized companies. In this regard, the company offers:
– Scientific advice for research and development projects.
– Creation of network  between academia and industry.
– Scientific evaluation for feasibility studies and business plans.




Agroindustry By-products valorization

Agrofood process chains generate lots of by-products. The valorization of by-products is a key objective for ATPr&d in order to reduce the use of new resources and follow the eco-sustainability principles.
Properly processed and treated by-products can act as raw material to produce high value materials as functional ingredients, bio-based building blocks and bioactive molecules that can be used in several applications. The innovative use of “waste” products is ATPr&d goal, following circular economy principles.

Innovative use of traditional and emerging matrices

By means of biotechnologies, ATPr&d aims to retrain the potential of natural resources, re-evaluating raw materials and by-products from different value chains. Thanks to biotechnology applications, traditional matrices can be transformed into bioactive molecules or innovative substrates for agri-food needs. Moreover, these new matrices are promising alternatives to fossil resources in order to obtain biopolymers and fibers.


Food safety

The increasing interest in human and environmental health motivate ATPr&d to find innovative biotechnological solutions to ensure safety throughout the production chain, both in food and feed industries. This is possible through the continuous detection and follow-up of chemical and biological contaminants, from raw material to end products.


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Via Ca’ Marzare, 3 – 36043 Camisano Vic. (VI) Italy

+39 0444 419408

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